Nothing is going right

Ever came across a phase in your life where nothing is going right? Everything is just so messed up and there’s just no way out?.That was exactly how I felt when I lost the basketball match for my school.I literally bottled it to be honest.I also feel that I have let my parents down as well.They spend their hard earned money on buying me the best basketball socks whereas they don’t even get a pair of the best sandals for walking for themselves.Every morning you wake up with this weird feeling which just can’t be expressed in mere words. It feels like you’re drowning, slowly but surely, little by little, every day, every moment.

You’re drowning and there’s just no way out. Every time you think of talking to someone about your problems, there’s this sudden rush of adrenaline, thousands of questions popping up in your mind now and then, that fear, that hesitation. What if people don’t understand me? What if they judge me? How can I trust them? There’s just no answer to these never ending questions because deep down inside, our subconscious minds had taken the oath of keeping all our problems to ourselves because sympathy isn’t what we seek and neither do we want to give off a weak personality vibe. We know well what we are capable of, we know our potentials but there’s just always something that keeps holding us back. There’s just always this constant anxiety and depression we experience every now and then. There’s always something that keeps pulling us down. But does that mean we should give up? Let the odds take over? Honey, you are the master of your own destiny. Why do you need others when you, yourself can change the world all on your own? Just because nothing is going accordingly, doesn’t mean things won’t ever fall in place. The power to make a change is all in your hands. Paint your life with the colours that bring you peace and happiness. You have the ability to get over all the depression, the anxiety, everything that keeps bothering you every now and then. You simply just have to believe in yourself, believe in your capabilities and make the first move.

Lastly, I would like to say that no matter how depressed you might be, always try to keep focused on your goals in life and what you want to do in future.As for me it was basketball I will always keep playing basketball no matter what.No matter what the situations or problems might be.I will carry on.No matter what the trials, problems or tribulations might be.I promise to be always there when life needs me the most.


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